Recreational Gymnastics

Manawatu Gymsports offers a range of classes to suit any child.

Our recreational classes are where all children 5+ should begin their gymnastics journey.  We have our own club badge programme that all children over 5 work towards at their own pace.  Recreational gymnastics works on skills on the floor, beam, bar, vault, rings, double mini tramp, hoops, balls, skipping ropes in addition to core conditioning.  

We offer classes in these age ranges: 5-6, 7-9 and 10+. 

In addition to the recreational classes we also offer these classes for children over 7:

Invite Only

Invite Only classes for children who are identified by our coaches as needing additional challenges.



Our Excel programme is a recreational competitive stream where children have the opportunity to attend

2-5 competitions a year in recreational based routines.


Tumbling is an option once children

have mastered the basics in recreational

they might like to focus on tumbling; working

on rolls, handstands, cartwheels, walkovers and many more skills.  Tumbling is mostly focused on floor, vault and double mini tramp. A lot of the work is done on our fantastic 15m airtrack.



Gymnastics isn't just for the kids. We also have adult sessions on a Thursday night from 7.45-9.30.


Team Gym

Team Gym is a fantastic mix of dance and gymnastics where the team competes in 2-4 competitions a year. 

Gymnastics meets fitness in this high intensity class. 

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